Dude Mom Life: Dude House Sounds, Vol.3

I know, you’re dying for a fashion post.

And, I’m dying to wear real pants.

But, since Dude 2 had his tonsillectomy last week I’ve not donned a single pair.

So, maybe next week, when everyone is all healed up and I have time to think about something other than milkshakes and pain meds, I’ll show you some back to school style.  Or like, my favorite bag.

In the meantime, here’s what things have been sounding like at the Dude house…

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Dude 3: Why do they call it balls?  One of the things is pointy?


Dude 2: Mom, don’t you wish you could just pee outside?


Dude 3: I know my feet are all muddy and you will be mad if I get dirt in the bath.  So, I was gonna rinse them in the toilet.  Whaaaaaat?! I flushed it first.


D3: I think three girls at school like me?

Me: Really? How do you know?

D3: They’re always talking to me and sitting by me.  And this one, she argues with me ALL THE TIME.  I’m pretty sure she likes me best.

Me: Clearly.


D3: Mom, do you remember that time I puked from the bathroom door and made it into the toilet?

Me: Ugh, yeah.

D3: That was so awesome.

Me: No it wasn’t. It was really gross.

D3: It woulda been way grosser if I missed the toilet and got it on the wall or the floor.  Like that time that I got it on the floor and you slipped in it.

Me: Yeah, that wasn’t awesome at all.


D2: I want to be famous when I grow up?

Me: Why?

D2: Because then I can buy whatever I want.

Me: No, that’s not being famous, that’s being rich.

D2: Welllllll, famous people are rich.

Me: Not always.  Sometimes famous people are just famous.

D2: …..

Me: Um, like Superman, and ummmm, that Internet dude Antoine Dodson, and that other chick, the one that made ain’t nobody got time for that popular.  Ugh, what was her name?  Anyway, OOOH, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy!  He is famous, but I bet he isn’t rich.  And then like bloggers and stuff.

D2:  Superman isn’t real, Mom.  And Internet people aren’t really famous.  They’re only famous on the Internet.

Me: ……

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  1. jessica says

    Oh my! I shouldn’t have read this with my kid napping in the backseat lol..trying to let her finish a nap and then read the balls comment ha ha!!! Struggle yo be quiet! !!!