T-Shirt Tuesday. Summer Style Deals for Dudes.

Today isn’t about a particular brand, but a style trend The Dudes are digging: the tank top.

Brought back to life in our house by Dude 3 who simply does not believe in sleeves or pants in the summer, all three of my guys have been rocking the tanks this summer season.

Of course only Dude 3 agreed to be photographed for demonstration purposes…

photo 2(14)

summer clothing deals

H&M has a ton for just $4.95, even their organic cotton tees are $9.95 for two…

summer clothing sale boys

Looking for an even crazier deal?  Crazy8 tanks for boys are on sale for $3.99.  I find these to be a year round item because we can layer them under button up shirts in the fall and just rock them as undershirts in the winter.  Layering, people. layering!

summer tanks boys

Old Navy isn’t home of the best summer clothing deals right now (all featured tops are selling for $9.94), but I am digging their styling.  Also, they are eBates partners which means cash back shopping (2% right now hen you shop through the site at Old Navy).  Cha-ching!

boys clothing


  1. says

    This is the first year that my 4 yr old hasn’t freaked out at wearing a tank. Every summer it’s been the same thing. He wants long sleeves because he didn’t want to show his “this” as he pointed to his upper arms. We would ease him into short sleeves, then a tank to sleep in try to show him the next morning that all was fine with wearing that kind of shirt. This year, I can’t get him out of them. “Where’s my shirt that stops right here?” pointing to his shoulder. Getting him to actually call the shirts tanks or long sleeves or short sleeves will probably take another 4 years.