Summer Outfits from Scoop NYC. #Sponsored

Summer is half way over but we still have many, many hot days ahead of us.

It’s best that we dress for them!

Sadly, finding the right shorts has been a legit struggle for me this year.  Most of them are too short, and then the rest are too long.  Everything either made me feel a teeny bit trampy, or a whole lot of old.

No thank you to both of those.

Just last week, as I was blowing through the last of my birthday gift cards, I stumbled across the woven embroidered shorts that have rocked my world…

embroidered shorts


I paired them with this flowy, floral top and my favorite strappy sandals and, voila, summer style zen…

lauren conrad kohls

It’s the perfect backyard party attire.  Or festival with friends attire.  Or change-the-wedges-to-flats-and-rock-it-to-the-dentist-and-to-Target-to-pick-up-a-thousand-things-that-weren’t-even-on-your-list attire.

shorts for women

I may or may not be wearing them while I type this on my couch with a brownie balanced on my belly, they’re just THAT versatile.

Related but not really related, let’s talk about Scoop NYC?

As a major New York City based fashion boutique with 19 locations across the US, they are home to hundreds of versatile pieces of pretty for the discerning stylista.  Or mom in need of a fashion boost.  Or dad looking to up his style game because his wife refuses to go to another summer wedding with him if he’s going to wear that tweed sports coat again.  It’s too hot, man, way too hot.

Let them tell it, their “signature store design, dubbed “The Ultimate Closet,” offers a one-stop shopping experience of expertly curated styles: luxury, designer and contemporary ready-to-wear is merchandised together in a sleek shopping environment alongside the season’s most coveted shoes and accessories.”

What does that mean to people like you and me?  That their online storefront is the perfect place to discover chic, quality items to add style and awesome to your wardrobe.

Personally, I think it’s the perfect place to shop for signature pieces that you can wear for many seasons.  Or to find something to look amazing in at your whatever-random-event-you-really-need-to-look-amazing-at-even-though-you’re-exhausted-and-really-just-want-to-be-at-home-kickin-it-braless-in-your-jammie-pants-and-slipper-socks.

They aren’t necessarily your every day mom uniform shopping location, but when it comes to finding something special, that can complete a look for an important occasion, or add some needed oomph to your wardrobe, they have plenty of options.  And shoes, so many shoes!

Here are a few of my picks for go-to summer outfits:

A chic tribal print top…

white jeans


A stand out cross body…

signature clutch


A rockin’ dress.  Or, two…

Summer Dresses


Funky Footwear…

Summer Shoe Style


Disclosure: Today’s post is brought to you by Scoop NYC and I’ve received compensation to share them with you.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Kirby says

    love the shorts, the shirt is too foofy for me but looks cute on you. LOVE LOVE the shoes. Also the tunic on your first outfit grouping….IN LOVE!