Summer Safety Tips for Families + Win a Car Seat! #giveaway

Probably you’re rushing about right now trying to coordinate your kids’ red, white, and blue outfits, making sure your potato salad is on point, and that you have enough sparklers for tonight’s big birthday celebration.

But, before you go exhaust yourself and your children in the heat and stay out way past bed time watching the fireworks show, let me talk to you a little bit about safety.


I know, you’re safe.  You keep your kids safe.  Caution in your middle name.

Only there is an awesome giveaway at the end of this post (real talk, so awesome) we all know that in the face of all the flag waving sunshine and wine coolers and fireworks a human can stand with nothing in your belly but chocolate chip cookies and watermelon, you may kinda forget your middle name.

And think instead that it’s FUN, or BARF depending.

Either way, as you head out I want you take some safety tips with you (and enter my car seat giveaway while you’re at it).

summer safety

Summer Safety Tips for Families

1.  Don’t sleep on the sunscreen.  Of course you put it on when you left the house this morning at 10am, but did you put it on again at noon?  How about at 2?  And then again at 4?  It’s cloudy? So what, you still need it.  Sunscreen should be reapplied approximately every two hours to keep you protected; even more often if you’re swimming or sweating a bunch.

2.  Stay hydrated.  And no, the fizzy vodka infused drink your bestie just passed you doesn’t count.  You need water, girlfriend, especially if you’re drinking alcohol.  And, so do your kids, especially if they’re running nutty around the neighbor’s yard while you’re enjoying your mommy juice.  Make sure you offer them (and yourself) plenty of water throughout the day.

3.  Don’t let your kids light the fireworks.

4.  Keep a bucket of water nearby while you light the fireworks.  You can’t stomp out every fire with your Toms.  Be safe and keep a bucket or a hose within running-in-a-panic distance.

5.  Talk to your kids about getting lost.  Like, what will they do if they can’t find you in the crowd at the park after the fireworks show ends?  You know what you will do, run screaming that someone needs to find your baby keep your wits about you and enlist help, but you need to discuss with them the SOP in the event of a separation.  We used to write our cell numbers on our little people’s arms.  We also would identify a major landmark nearby (stage, huge rock, concession stand) and tell our kids that if they can’t find us (or a police officer nearby) stand by the big hot dog stand and we will come there for them.

6.  Don’t poison your guests.  Food poisoning is no joke.  Like you will wish yourself dead if you get it.  Improper food handling can easily happen in the summer heat.  Wash your mitts before you prep food, be sure to keep it refrigerated if it is perishable, and don’t leave it sitting out for hours (not more than 2 and not more than 1 if it’s super hot day).  Also, check out this helpful site for some safe grilling tips.

7.  Bathe in bug spray.  Okay, you don’t have to bathe in it, but you might wanna spray some on to keep the creepy crawlies away.  Not down with the Deet? We like this California Baby Bug Repellant Spray and there are a ton if DIY bug repellants you can make.

8.  Travel safely.  Buckle up an make sure your child is in a car seat as the law requires. In my state, children have to be in a car seat until they are 8 years old or 4’9, so we are happily still carting Dude 3 around town in one.

9.  Make sure your car seat is right.  Having the kid in the car seat isn’t the end of it.  You need to make sure you select one that’s appropriate for your child and that you install it properly in your ride.  Safety 1st, leaders in car seat safety innovation, have a few tips for parents:

  • When shopping for a new seat, take your child and you car to the store to check fit.
  • Go to a certified car seat technician to ensure your seat is installed properly.
  • Read.  The.  Manual.
  • Make sure your child remains rear facing until age 2.
  • Ensure baby’s head is 2 inches below top of seat, that harness straps are in the slots BELOW your child’s shoulders, and that the chest clip of the 5-point harness is at your baby’s armpits.

10.  Enter my Safety 1st car seat giveaway!

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  1. Don’t Text and Drive!

  2. ellen c says:

    Even if it might be a little cloudy out you still need to use sunblock. There is nothing worse than a sunburn which you can’t make feel better with medications.

  3. Stephanie O'Day says:

    Always wear a helmet!

  4. Melissa Douglass says:

    When buckling in the car seat, always make sure you pull the seat belt completely out so that it locks and also make sure that the car seat has no more that 1 inch of movement….I prefer less!

  5. gretchen luper says:

    always buckle up no matter your age.

  6. just always pay attention to your surroundings

  7. Cathy Burnett says:

    Always, always, always make sure all safety belts are secure on car seats and your own, before starting your car.

  8. buckle up!

  9. Lesley F says:

    Make sure your child is in a car seat that is for his weight and height

  10. Rachel O says:

    Don’t Text and Drive!

  11. Carlene R. says:

    My best safety tip is to not allow yourself to be distracted. even if your child is crying do not turn and take your eyes off the road. If necessary pullover into a parking lot to handle the situation.

  12. Melissa M says:

    Put your child locks on your doors

  13. jennifer kelly says:

    Be sure to drive at a moderate speed and with attention, not because you are not a skilled driver, but because others make mistakes, and it pays for you and for them to be prepared for the mistakes of others.

  14. Nicole Mecham says:

    Be a GOOD defensive driver. Do not get distracted by your kids while driving. Do not assume that other cars will obey the laws. Stay focused and pay attention!

  15. christine burd says:

    always put your purse next to the car seat . That way you won’t forget that you have your child in the car with you(gleaned this from the newscast when someone forgot and left a child in the hot car)

  16. Sandra VanHoey says:

    Never buy a used car seat and if you unsure if your child’s car seat isn’t in correct go to the fire dept. and they will help you to make sure your kids are safe

  17. jenn mcclearn says:

    My best safety tip is to never strap your child into the car seat wearing a heavy coat, I know it is still summer but always good to have a reminder :)

  18. rhonda hagy miller says:

    Always make sure the carseat is properly seatbelted in..AND never leave child alone in car!! NEVER!!

  19. i have to young boys still in car seats. I always use not just the belt to keep the seats strapped in but also the hooks on the seats themselves as well. it gives me extra peace of mind if we were ever in an accident that they will not be thrown around the car.

  20. Tara-Lynn King says:

    Always have a small first aid kit readily available.

  21. Safety has always been a main concern! Even my oldest child will not be inside a vehicle without his seatbelt on. Though I must admit it is sort of funny when he is in a parked car for a good while still buckled up. I would say this Safety Frist car seat is a must have so good luck to everyone!

  22. always get your carseat checked by a certified car seat technician. Make sure it’s one that holds carseat safety close to their hearts and it’s not just a part of their main job.

  23. Sarah Jestings says:

    Most local hospital will install you car seat for you so you can have piece of mind.

  24. take your time and buckle up properly

  25. Always make sure that baby is properly fastened in the car seat.

  26. Natalie Brown says:

    Since my husband is a retired firefighter, the first safety tip that comes to mind is to check the batteries in your smoke detector once a month. If you don’t have smoke detectors, get some and, to be even safer, have a fire extinguisher. Fire’s are no joke & most lives can be saved with working smoke detectors. Thanks!!

  27. Beanybopp says:

    Make sure that your child’s chest buckle is level with their arm pits not down at the stomach and that their straps are tight (not able to pinch them up)

  28. Dee Crapser says:

    make sure your child fits properly in the car seat

  29. Safe Kids USA does free car seat inspections all across the country. It’s easy and so important to make sure your car seat is installed correctly to keep baby safe!

  30. Shamekka says:

    Never ever leave your child in a hot car!

  31. Carly D. says:

    always be prepared with an emergency kit…..with bandaids, antibacterial cream, etc.

  32. Hmm, I’m not sure…always keep your child in seeing distance? Maybe?

  33. DanielleD says:

    Take down all Child auto accessories i.e The mirror, Sun shade & any other object that can become a profectile in an accident & harm your child.

  34. Sents Saver says:

    always obey the speed limit!

  35. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    Never leave your small child alone. If at the store, in the car, at the lake or even at home, a small child needs constant supervision.

  36. LAURA CASTILLO says:

    Lavender oil :)!!

  37. leah wall says:

    teach your kids to say your phone number to a worker or police officer!

  38. brittany says:

    never leave kids in hot car

  39. Heather Clark says:

    Keep your kids rear facing as long as possible to avoid internal decapitation

  40. Jessica Padilla says:

    Always double check the seat belt is on and always check on your little one.

  41. Dawn Ganey says:

    Plan ahead for all your baby’s needs by packing extras so you never run out of items.

  42. jermey mclaughlin says:

    Make sure your kids are securely buckled.

  43. Never, ever leave a kid in the car without an adult. Even so, keep everyone ventilated, hydrated, and consider that even if you can hold it for 5 hours (which is not healthy) your kids don´t, so stop for breaks, it´s good for everyone to stretch the legs, and let kids know that they should let the driver stay focused to avoid accidents, and they will be calmer. Play music that you ALL enjoy, so that it becomes a chilled out trip. Watch out for the sun hitting your kids in the face, it can cause a heatstroke, or burn slowly their retinas… :D

  44. Natalie F says:

    Make sure that caregivers (grandparents) also know how to properly buckle children into seats. So many people do it wrong or thing it doesn’t matter so much.

  45. MariaelENA says:

    Make sure chest clip is at armpit level!

  46. Lynda Thomas says:

    Always double check for your kiddos and don’t leave them in the car! Also when we go to theme parks or other crowded places I make my boys a bracelet or anklet with number beads that have our cellphone number on it. Just in case!

  47. Eva Mack says:

    extra seat for grandchild

  48. Jessica Snow says:

    Always wear your seat belt, make sure the car seat is in the proper position.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  49. Stephanie Ramalho says:

    chest piece always at the chest

  50. Always wear a seatbelt!

  51. and dont leave your kids in hot cars!

  52. velder dixon says:

    dont leave child alone

  53. jenn huey says:

    Don’t leave child in the car alone and always have cool drinks handy to keep hydrated

  54. Em Mahr says:

    Some of my safety tips are I always have my phone number and name pinned to my little one whenever we go someplace very busy. Also, we always pack snacks, first aid kit and sunscreen where ever we go

  55. alena svetelska says:

    If you are planing long trip take lots of breaks,so kids and u can strech for little bit

  56. Tara Vickers says:

    If you must travel during the holidays try to leave a day early! Traffic is always crazy!

  57. Make sure your kids drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen while out and make sure they are always wearing their seat belts.

  58. Great tips! Especially about the sunscreen! Summer can be harsh on the skin!

  59. Michelle says:

    Supervision is very important. Always be able to hear, see and reach your child.

  60. Laura J says:

    When going out and about to the parks or zoo’s…anywhere actually….we always dress Carter in a very bright outfit so he is easy to spot! We got a couple bright orange, lime green, and yellow outfits…..makes it so easy to spot quickly!

  61. Angela R Higdon says:

    Check your childs car seat straps at least weekly for fit, twisting, etc..

  62. Stacey b says:

    My best safety tip is to rear face as long as possible!

  63. Wear your seat belt! It really could save your life!

  64. Chris DeHart says:

    Always watch kids around water and outdoors.

  65. gianna borden says:

    always keep your kids in the back and buckled and sitting in seats that pertain to their age AND weight!!!!

  66. I get my kiddos car seats checked out by the fire dept to make sure they are installed correctly

  67. I like to keep a first aid kit handy where ever I go with sticker in makes the ordeal a bit easier.

  68. Keep bandages, first aid cream, sun screen, and insect replant with you… at ALL times.

  69. abedabun dawn says:

    My tip is when you have your child in a carseat that is rear facing, do not give them anything that they can get choked on. My son got choked on a piece of paper that got into his car seat somehow. Had it not been for another child in the car who brought it to my attention, I hate to think of what may have happened.

  70. Debbie Caraballo says:

    Sunscreen, first aid supplies, plenty of water, and plenty of wet wipes for sticky hands and faces!

  71. Angela Y says:

    Always keep an eye on your children.

  72. Place dangerous chemicals out of a child’s reach even if its already ina child proof area.

  73. watch out for sharp edges on furnature!

  74. Jen Bigerton says:

    My best safety tip is always have a first aid kit with you no matter where you are. You never know when you may need it and for what situation you may find yourself in.

  75. marian boll says:

    Always have a supply of water with you during the summer and keep the baby hidrated.

    NEVER NEVER EVER leave your children in the hot car for ANY REASON!!!!

  76. Emily Smith says:

    Have a fire extinguisher! My fil is a fireman and has seen enough to make me know this is a must. And a smoke alarm. And an escape plan.

  77. MaryAnn says:

    Always make sure the kids are buckled up right even when in a hurry.

  78. Jessica says:

    Outlet covers are your friend.

  79. Liz Fouts says:

    Always check your baby’s bath water by touch before putting them in.

  80. I always have at least 2 fully stocked first aid kits around, but my biggest safety tip right now is if you have stairs make sure they are secure! I recently fell down our stairs, but that was due to human error. Make sure your carpets or boards are solidly in place.

  81. heather eg kaufman says:

    Rear face as long as you can!

  82. Cryssie Cherry says:

    Always find a carseat by your child’s weight, not age. Just because they are 4 or 5 doesn’t mean you have to take them out of the backed booster if they still fit the weight limits.

  83. Amanda Aspling says:

    I always check a couple times after I placed my children in their car seats to make sure the straps are tight enough and everything is properly secured.

  84. Never leave your child unattended in a car!

  85. Jan Hammersmith says:

    make sure the car seat is safely secured

  86. katherine says:

    Have children rear face for up to 3 years for the safest baby!

  87. never leave your child in the car.

  88. kayla sutton says:

    Never leave your child in a car…period. Obviously to most that doesn’t even have to be said, however I have seen soooo much ignorance lately I had to say it. Always carry a emergency kit in the back of the car along with water extra blankets, flash light etc.

  89. golden storm says:

    always carry a first aid kit in the car and a mini one in your purse or diaper bag

  90. Alona Y says:

    Have fully packed emergency kits in every car, and a well packed little one in your purse (in case you forget/lose the diaper bag).

  91. Victoria Carlson says:

    Always bring a first aid kit and water!

  92. Rachel DeHart (@tall_person13) says:

    Make sure their straps are not to loose or to tight .

  93. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Keep the kids buckled up in the back seat. Never leave them alone in the car

  94. Jaime S says:

    Do not leave water bottles in the car. As they heat up from the sun, the plastic can leak chemicals into the water, which can make you sick if you drink it.

  95. Jennifer Paige says:

    Don’t run around the pool. You could slip in the puddles!


  97. kaydi davis says:

    for rear facing straps must be at or below the shoulders. for forward facing straps must be at or above the shoulders!

  98. Melissa Teears says:

    Extra, extra water!! Drink way more water than usual.

  99. Leslie Smith says:

    Sun screen. A must all summer!!

  100. Raven johnSON says:

    This would be perfect for my daughter! I am always thinking about her safety!

    • Raven johnSON says:

      Always bring extra water and snacks to avoid dehydration and low sugar!

  101. Would like to test Safety 1st out as they look very comfortable for my baby!

  102. Marisa Walton says:

    My safety tip: marry a firefighter/paramedic! That’s what I did!!

  103. Samantha Plotkin says:

    Always designate a parent to watch your child(ren) when you are both at a party. It’s too easy to lose track if “everyone” is watching

  104. Natalie says:

    My best tip is to make sure your kids are properly fastened in their car seats before you start the engine.

  105. Always put sunscreen on your children before they go outside

  106. angelinaclark says:

    My summer safety tip is remember to keep home pools secure. Remove water from small pools and keep gates locked around larger pools.

  107. Nicole Powers says:

    My safety tip is to always pay attention to your children while swimming and make sure if they cant swim to have on a life jacket!!!!

  108. Stay hydrated with more than just water.

  109. jeannine s says:

    Have your carseat install checked out by a tech to make sure it is in correctly

  110. anne stewart says:

    Always double check that your car seat is installed correctly and go have it inspected if necessary!

  111. NEVER leave your kids in a car alone!

  112. Jayme H. says:

    My safety tip is to make sure you carry a first aid kit, and include an antihistamine for emergencies.

  113. Nicole DZ says:

    My best safety tip is always have a emergency car kit in your trunk. Make a checklist of items you need to keep safe on the road.

  114. My tip is to stay out of the sun from 10am-2pm if at all possible and wear sunscreen otherwise.

  115. Jennifer (robbins) A. says:

    My safety tip is to keep a first aid kit in the car (and perhaps a small one on hikes + nearby).

  116. Susan DeVaux says:

    My tip is to have someone check to make sure your car seat is installed correctly! So many of them are put in wrong.

  117. Jillian T says:

    Make sure you and your children do not get over-heated by spending too much time in the sun. Use shade to cool off and drink plenty of water.

  118. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    My Tip Is To Make Sure Everyone In The Car Is Wearing Seat Belts Or In A Car Seat.

  119. Use a cheap “fair bracelet’ and put your name and phone number on it. You can buy them at any party supply store. And, they are great for times when you have young children in large crowds.

  120. christine jessamine says:

    always be prepared when in the car. pack enough water and emergency gear

  121. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Oh how nice! My best safety tip is to make sure your baby/child is in their car seat properly! Also, to keep them hydrated, interested in healthy, nutritious foods and sharing sun safety with them by wearing sunscreen! Thanks for the opportunity!

  122. amy pugmire says:

    always pack extra water, gatorade, milk etc.. to stay hydrated.

  123. Keep the baby rear facing until 2!

  124. Danielle D says:

    Keep an emergency box in your vehicle, in case of an emergency!

  125. Always check straps and make sure there completely secure,none undone or loose fitting,and specially check the dates for expiration and there manufacturer sites for product recalls

  126. Birdiebee says:

    Always make sure the car is clear of children and pets before walking away and locking the car.

  127. Always have a first-aid kit on hand….kids get hurt no matter how careful you are

  128. We always have a cupboard full of bandages. And, my new favorite is burdock leaves!

  129. courtney b says:

    make sure you use the buckle all the way up to the chest line.. and make sure its tight!

  130. Paula Caudill says:

    Be prepared by having a first aid kit and never leave the child unattended.

  131. If you have boys then take bandaids everywhere you go, they are tough but accident prone.

  132. Meghan Finley says:

    We always carry sunscreen and water with us at all times.

  133. Jamie cook says:

    Sunscreen for everyone. Prevent the need for sunburn first aid!

  134. Always make sure the chest clip is at arm pit level! :)

  135. Kelly D says:

    My tip is to keep a first aid kit in the car.

  136. Always wear sunscreen and have a lot of water handy when you are going to be outside. Dehydration and sunburn are the worst!


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