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patient first how to choose a primary care doctor

From Pediatrics to Primary Care: How to Choose a Primary Care Doctor

I recently found myself in our pediatrician’s waiting room with my 20 year old. He was sick and needed to be seen and, because time had gotten away from us as is so often the case, I had failed to transfer him to our primary care doctor. So, there we were, sitting in too small chairs, surrounded by board books and wooden toys, vowing to

Best Takeout in Frederick

Best Take Out in Frederick, Maryland:…

It started with COVID of course, but to be honest, my quest to find the best take out in Frederick has been mostly driven by my desire to cook as little as possible while also not having to venture out. Oh, and supporting local restaurants, of course. As more people have begun to embrace take out options, restaurants have gotten much better at providing the

teaching kids to invest

Teaching Kids to Invest: 5 Things Every…

This post is sponsored by EarlyBird. All opinions are my own.  Have you thought about teaching your kids how to invest? One thing I struggle with as an adult is that I didn’t learn about investing as a kid. I don’t blame my parents, they didn’t know either, and neither did theirs before them. This idea of teaching kids to invest and empowering them with

cool stocking stuffers for teen boys

Cool Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys…

Stocking stuffers may be an afterthought for some, but at our house it’s where you’re likely to find the most unique, fun gifts of the season. My kids are always excited to see what Santa shoved in their stocking each year so I always make it a point to find cool stocking stuffers for teen boys so they’re always pleased with their findings. Do you

best non toy gifts for kids memorable gift ideas

Best Non Toy Gifts for Kids: Give…

We are all about the meaningful gift giving and we love the idea of giving non toy gifts to our kids and those we love each year. For us, travel gifts are a big time winner – yes, we surprised them with a Disney vacation one year – and they’re a great way for the entire family to enjoy something together. But, even if a

2021 Best Gifts for Teen Boys…

Not sure what to gift the teen boys in your life this holiday season? With input from the resident teenagers in the DudeMom family and tons of my online mom friends, I’ve rounded up the best gifts for teen boys to gift this year. We’ve got everything from style gifts to tech gifts the teen boys on your holiday shopping list are sure love. Shopping

Christmas Events the Whole Family Will Love Enchant Christmas D.C.

Christmas Events the Whole Family Will…

The holiday season is upon us and after a year without a lot of Christmas events to enjoy, families everywhere are ready to celebrate big. If you’re looking for Christmas events the whole family will love in Washington D.C. this year, you are not alone and you also won’t be disappointed. From basic light displays to holiday festivals and extravaganzas D.C. and the surrounding area