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Cheap Gift Ideas: 30 Stocking Stuffers for Boys for Under $25

Looking for some creative stocking stuffers to surprise your little people with? I’ve rounded up 25 fun and functional items to surprise them with this year. Added bonus: none of them cost more than $25! 25 Fun & Functional Stocking Stuffers for Boys Under $25 Stocking Stuffers for Big Kids Fortnite Socks Because, duh, FORTNITE! Because, duh, FORTNITE! Buy here: Rock ‘Em Socks TriceraTaco Taco

Crest ProHealth Toothpaste

Brush with Crest ProHealth and Treat Yo…

*Today’s blog post is sponsored by Crest. All opinions are my own.* Every year, as the holidays steam roll people’s willpower, we start hearing people talking about health and weight loss and physical fitness. Everyone begins making plans to work off the 60 pounds of sweet treats and home cookin’ we devoured the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Nothing to beat yourself up

Best Christmas Cookies: Classic Chocolate Chip

Christmas Cookies: 10 Cookie Recipes You…

If I had to choose my favorite holiday season tradition, I would have to say that it’s baking Christmas cookies with my dudes. No matter the season or time of year, cookies are, hands down, my all time favorite dessert. Throw in a little family time and holiday magic, and it’s no wonder that I love baking Christmas cookies more than any other Christmastime activity.

Gifts That Give Back: 20 Charitable…

**THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS** Charitable giving is always higher during the holiday season -people are in the Christmas spirit, the end of the year is approaching, and people are generally just feeling a little more benevolent. Any little bit helps and even if you feel like you’re strapped this season, there is one simple, economical way to spread the love and that is

verizon holiday best electronic gifts

Shop Verizon: Best Electronic Gifts for…

From a portable Bluetooth speaker, to a massive big screen TV, all types of electronic gifts will be exchanged this year. In fact, for many, electronics are one of the most given and received gift items each holiday season. This is one of the reasons I love partnering with Verizon – tech is always one of my favorite gifts. Credit Donkey reported that, in 2017,

Ralph Breaks the Internet with A Disney…

Like so many girls who grew up in the 80s and 90s, Disney princesses are part of what made me fall in love with the magic of Disney. Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and Jasmine (Aladdin), arguably three of Disney’s all time most adored princesses were born in my youth. It’s no wonder that those are my three favorite princesses. Also,

healthy habits for kids: Scotties tissue

Healthy Habits for Kids: How We Beat…

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Scotties. All opinions are my own.* It is snowing. S-N-O-W-I-N-G. Before Thanksgiving. via GIPHY As a former Californian who still doesn’t understand why people need to experience all of the seasons every year, the snow season, more formally known as winter, is my least favorite thing about life on the East Coast. I can make accommodations for